Published fiction

6/6‘, a limited edition chapbook from Black Shuck Books. SOLD OUT.


Steel Bodies‘, in New Fears 2, an anthology edited by Mark Morris.


Bluey‘, in The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors anthology.


The Man at Table Nine‘, in the A World of Horror anthology.

A World of Horror

Painted Wolves‘, in the charity anthology In Dog We Trust (proceeds to Birmingham Dogs Home). Also reprinted in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, Volume 11.

In Dog We Trust

Best Horror 11

The Whalers Song‘, in The Devil and the Deep anthology, edited by Ellen Datlow.

The Devil and the Deep

The Swans‘, in Black Static issue 60.

Black Static 60

The Swans

In the Light of St Ives‘, in the Terror Tales of Cornwall anthology. Click here to buy.


A Tale Before Supper‘, available at This Is Horror. Available to read free online here.

Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow, republished by Snowbooks and available here.

wind and snow

Sideways‘, in Interzone (issue 266).



New Roads from Burnt Rubber‘ in the Ghost Highways anthology. Click here to buy.

ghost highways

Housekeeping‘, in The Hyde Hotel anthology. Available here.


Child of Thorns‘, in Black Static (issue 50).

Black Static 50

Child of Thorns

Mary, Mary‘, in The 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories, available here.


When the Devil’s Driving‘, Black Static (issue 47).

Black Static 47

When the Devils Driving

Probably Monsters from ChiZine Publications. Withdrawn from publisher but available again later this year.

Probably Monsters

Bone Dry‘, aka ‘The Curse of the Zombie‘, from Hersham Horror. Available here.


Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow, from Spectral Press. Withdrawn from publisher.

Within the Wind wrap

The Hutch‘, in Black Static (issue 41).

Black Static 41

Water For Drowning from This is Horror. Available here.

water%20for%20drowning%20c#71CD22[1] (2)

Under the Windings of the Sea‘, in The Terror Tales of Wales from Gray Friar Press


The Space Between‘, with Ralph Robert Moore, Shadows & Tall Trees (issue 6)

Shadows & Tall Trees 6

Bones of Crow‘, in Black Static (issue 37).  Reprinted in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year (volume 6)


Bones of Crow

Gator Moon‘, in Crimewave 12: Hurts


The Festering‘, in Black Static (issue 36)



Whispers in the Mist‘, in Shadows & Tall Trees (issue 5)

Shadows & Tall Trees 5

Where the Dark is Deepest‘, in For the Night is Dark

For the Night is Dark

The Death Drive of Rita nee Carina‘, in Black Static (issue 32)



The Rain Deer‘ available at This Is Horror. Available to read free online here.


The Man Who Was‘, in Where Thy Dark Eye Glances

Dark eye

Afterword‘, in the Bram Stoker Award winning After Death…

A Mother’s Blood‘ available at This Is Horror.

You Haven’t Seen Me‘ with Gary McMahon on the This is Horror website.

All Change‘ in Black Static (issue 30)

Black Static 30 Cover

Shark! Shark!‘ in Black Static (issue 29)

Bloodcloth‘, in Interzone (issue 240)

Waste Disposal‘, in Darker Minds

Night Fishing‘ in Shadows & Tall Trees (issue 3), Pseudopod, and Wilde Stories 2013

Fata Morgana‘ Interzone (issue 238)

I Have Heard The Mermaids SingingBlack Static (issue 26)

The Travellers Stay‘ in Black Static (issue 25)

Tabula Rasa‘ in Not One Of Us, issue 46

Tethered to the Cold and Dying‘ in Interzone (issue 233)

No More West‘ in How The West Was Wicked

Pins and Needles‘ in Black Static (issue 21)

At Night, When The Demons Come‘ in Black Static (issue 20), and in Best Horror of the Year, volume 3

Beachcombing‘ in Black Static (issue 19), and in Ténèbres 2011 (French translation), as well as appearing in audio form on The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

In The Dark‘ in Daily Bites of Flesh

Dracula’s New Dress‘ in Fem-Fangs

Here I Am‘ in The Daily Flash

Viva Las Vegas‘ in Black Static (issue 6), and as a podcast at Transmissions from Beyond

8 Responses to Published fiction

  1. Jennifer says:

    Will you be publishing a collection? I’ve consistently found your stories to be my favorites in both Black Static and Interzone, but you’ve so much else out there I’d love to read. It would be a daunting task to collect your short fiction from all these sources, but I’m going to try!

    • Ray Cluley says:

      Thanks Jennifer! I’m glad you’ve liked the stories. Hopefully there will be a collection in the not too distant future, it’s currently out there and waiting for a contract. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely tell the world when or if it happens. Until then, there’s a new story coming out in Shadows & Tall Trees from Undertow Books, and another coming soon in the Darker Minds anthology. Hopefully you’ll like them, too!

  2. I’ve just read Bloodcloth. Loved it, loved the way it was written- “The roller dropped and fat folds of bloodcloth spewed from the line like a thickened tongue…”

  3. You’ve done it again. As if “Shark! Shark!” wasn’t good enough, I’ve just read “All Change”. The literary references are very clever without weighing the story down. I read it twice because you’ve got to get your chills where you can.

  4. Ray Cluley says:

    Thanks! I was worried there’d be too many references or they’d be too oblique, so I’m really glad you liked the story and took the time to say so. It’s put a grin on my chin. 🙂

  5. Hi, Ray. While catching up on Shadows & Tall Trees I read “Night Fishing” and wanted to let you know I enjoyed and admired it. Profoundly sad and dark, but dashed with enough bits of humor and inhabited by people who feel real and leading lives that feel equally real. Some keen observations on loss and grief as well. I noted the line, “Jill had held him all the while, knowing about the churned waters of death and how there were no set tides, only a draining away that gurgled and spluttered and never really emptied.” Well done.

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