Nowhere is safe – zombies in the desert

My story ‘Bone Dry’ is now available as ‘Curse of the Zombie’ as part of Hersham Horror’s ‘The Cursed’ series. Here’s the blurb:

“Louisa is in Algeria to cover a celebrity wedding for the BBC, but an encounter with a strange American in a hotel bar reveals there are far more interesting stories out there, in the Sahara, waiting to be unearthed. Stories about the lost ones, the tenere medden, desert men cursed with an undying thirst… The fourth in a series of six novelettes reviving the golden age of the monster from Hersham Horror Books.”

I wanted to do something a bit different to the usual zombie story, and I’m thankful to the ever-wonderful National Geographic for inspiring me as to how to go about that. In particular, articles relating to oil mining in Algeria and the Tuareg (pictured below).


You can grab a copy of ‘Bone Dry’ aka ‘The Curse of the Zombie’ from Amazon by clicking here. Another click once you’re there should take you to the kindle version.




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Monster competition

With Probably Monsters now a reality I thought I’d run a competition. To win a copy of the collection, simply tell me your favourite monster from the world of film and horror fiction, with a brief explanation as to why they’re your favourite. I’ll choose a winner randomly from the entries.

You can leave your favourite monster in the comments here, or on my Facebook post, or via twitter @RayCluley with the hashtag #probablymonsters

Closing date: end of April

PM box

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Coming out of the dark (and the drawers)

At last, it’s here. Well, very very nearly. It’s here if you’re in Canada and the US. BUT it’ll only be a few more weeks before Probably Monsters is slithering on British soil. You can order it from ChiZine if you can’t wait that long.

Don’t they look pretty? My beautiful monsters…

Probably (lots of) Monsters


It means a lot to me, of course, getting this collection out, and I’m very thankful to ChiZine for giving me such an opportunity. I’m also thankful to Michael Kelly for championing it so enthusiastically. Hell, there’s a whole load of thanks in the book. I’ll stop babbling.

I’m just very excited.

I’ll keep you posted as to its progress towards Britain…


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Snow Business

Just a quick post to draw your attention to a couple of new reviews for Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow.

The first is from Erik Hofstatter’s blog. He uses words like “impressive” and “astounding” and that makes me happy. He seems to have liked it.

The second is courtesy of DLS Reviews. Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow is “deeply evocative and wonderfully atmospheric” and it’s “relentlessly bleak and cold”. The verdict? “The story Cluley tells is stark and honest and in some ways cold-hearted and brutal… an enchanting and strangely moving story”.

What I also really like is that each of the bonus stories is also covered in the review: ‘It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…’ is “nothing short of chilling”, ‘The Rain Deer’ is “weird” and “suggestive”, ‘Mistletoe Wine’ is “clever clever clever” and ‘Turtledove’ “is a truly superb piece of short fiction”. ‘Hans’, the final story in the mini-collection, is “strange but incredibly atmospheric”, which was exactly what I was going for, so that’s good. It’s a great review and I’m delighted – you can read the full review here.

If you want to order a copy of Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow, simply click here.

Within the Wind wrap

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Coming out of the cold

I’m very pleased to share a couple of very good reviews of Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow.

The first is from Anthony Watson over at his blog Dark Musings. He calls it a “sublime tale of winter horror” and seems to have really enjoyed it, so that’s good. He even includes a Sigur Rós song at the end of the review – a particularly relevant bonus as they provided the entire writing soundtrack for that story.

James Everington says some very good things too, over at This is Horror, calling it “a classic piece of Arctic horror” and making some very flattering comparisons. He also gives a special shout-out for one of the bonus stories, ‘Turtledove’, which makes me very happy.

If you want to grab yourself a copy, Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow is available to order from Spectral Press.

Within the Wind wrap

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An interview

The wonderfully talented Priya Sharma took the time to interview me over at her blog, which you can read by clicking here. It focuses on my latest effort, ‘Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow’, available from Spectral Press here.

Priya writes brilliant stories (check out this list) so track some down if you haven’t already. I reckon you’ll love them too.

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Care to dance?

I’ve a new Less Is More column up at This Is Horror. This time I focus on ‘The Dancing Partner’ by Jerome K. Jerome and you can get to both the story and my analysis by clicking here. It’s a grim little story but with a pinch of light humour, too.

If you have any suggestions for future Less is More pieces, feel free to leave a comment below. Suggested stories need to be available online.

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