Published non-fiction

(all featured in English & Media Centre publications)

Childish Things and Goblin Kings: Revisiting Labyrinth after 30 years

Wilkie Collins and The Moonstone Legacy: introducing the detective novel formula

Charles Dickens, Serial Thriller: the structure and genres of Great Expectations (with a close analysis of Chapter 19)

Ted Hughes and Billy Collins: The Thought-Fox and Wolf

Water-skiing with Billy Collins: an introduction to writing poetry

“More myself than I am”: seeing double in Wuthering Heights

In Cold Blood: Truman Capote’s “non-fiction novel”

Sounds Poetic: Listening to how poetry works

A Slice of the Action: Criticising Cupcakes and Kalishnikovs

The Great Gatsby: The Advertisement of the Man

A Girl Called Alice: Exploring Carroll’s Characters in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

A Case of Narrative: The Appeal of Crime Fiction

Road Works: Using Cormac McCarthy’s The Road for English coursework

One for The Road: Exploring Cormac McCarthy’s Dystopian Journey

(also adapted for the BFS Journal, from the British Fantasy Society, 2012)

A Love Less Worth Than Apples (a close analysis of Rossetti’s ‘An Apple Gathering’)

Forbidden Fruits: Sex and Religion in ‘Goblin Market’

The Lady is a Vamp: Fearing Female Sexuality in Dracula

The Snow Child (a close analysis of Angela Carter’s story)

Language Change: Exploring the Word ‘Punk’ Through Time

Imagination, Isolation and Innocence: The Romantic in Frankenstein

(republished in the BFS Journal, from the British Fantasy Society, 2011)

A Wicked Pack of Cards: Cultural allusions and intertextuality in ‘The Waste Land’

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