Two ‘new’ releases

Just a quick post to say I have a couple of reprints available.

One of them is called ‘Painted Wolves’ which first appeared in Anthony Cowin’s charity anthology In Dog We Trust, with proceeds going to Birmingham Dogs Home. The story is sort of about African wild dogs, but  also sort of not. It has been reprinted in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year,Volume 11, available from Night Shade Books.

The other story that’s out there again, ‘Indian Giver’, you can listen to at the terrific PseudoPod by clicking here. It’s a ghost story of sorts, set in the later years of the Wild West. It first appeared in my collection Probably Monsters, and was reprinted in volume 8 of Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year series. Now it’s available as an audio.

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4 Responses to Two ‘new’ releases

  1. Derek Benson says:

    Hola. I just found your work, “Painted Wolves,” in the Best Horror of the Year 11. It turns out I’ve enjoyed your work for years but didn’t know it was you.

    I am upset by Painted Wolves. I liked it very much.

  2. Derek Benson says:

    Yes, “haunting” in that I can’t keep from thinking about it. I suspected we were getting a scene involving a pack of dogs attacking an important character. Oh no, I thought, that’s something I don’t want to happen. It was not that, and the horror of the story was in the reveal, the last sentence, the narrator and his choices. It was just very effective.

    Your PseudoPod story mentioned here was an interesting experience, in that I’d read it in Best Horror 8, but in audiobook form. And here it is again, but with a different reader, after years. Disorienting at first.

    Anyway: damn you’re smooth.

  3. Ray Cluley says:

    Thanks again. I love listening to audio versions as the reader always brings something different to the story.

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