Happy 50th Black Static

2016 will be seen in by the 50th issue of Black Static. It’s a bloody brilliant magazine which I have been reading since issue 1 (well, before that even, back when it was The Third Alternative) and I wholeheartedly recommend subscribing. I’m delighted to be in the 5oth issue with my story ‘Child of Thorns’. Here’s the art work, beautifully done by Martin Hanford:

Child of Thorns

And the Vince Haig cover is gorgeous as well – take a look:

Black Static 50

Simon Bestwick, who I chatted with in one of the posts below, gets a proper interview in this issue, too, so if you liked the sounds of Hell’s Ditch you might want to check it out.

You can subscribe at the TTA website, here.

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4 Responses to Happy 50th Black Static

  1. moteridgerider says:

    I’ll certainly be looking forward to reading your new story. Black Static has become a ‘must buy’ periodical for me.

  2. Everything a speculative fiction magazine should aspire to be…fifty times over! (Congrats to you for scoring the anniversary issue…)

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