Bedtime reading – Gerald’s Game

Mark West has been running a very interesting project called King For A Year, which you can read about here. This week it’s my turn to offer a view on one of King’s works, namely Gerald’s Game which is one of my favourites. I get a bit heavy with the analysis rather than offering a straight forward review, but if that sounds like your cup of tea you can read it here.


I blogged about another of King’s novels a while back, back when I intended to do one for each season, so if you’re interested in what I have to say about The Shining, click here.

Both pieces were adapted from my undergraduate dissertation, The House[hold] of Horror: Locating the Monstrous in the Works of Stephen King.

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  1. Whoaa…. take THAT Mr. Bloom… Perhaps you are a closet Literary Critic, Mr. Cluley? Move over Misters Joshi and Mieville! This is a great read for those who love the changes happening in Literary Criticism or who just want to see how it looks on our genre’s more famous writers…Great links to great essays!

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