On the Edge(-Lit)

Just a quick shout out to say that the recent Edge-Lit event held in Derby was terrific fun – many thanks to Alex Davies for organising such a packed and entertaining day and all the sponsors and helpers who made it happen. It was great to catch up with old friends, speak in person to many I only ‘see’ on Facebook, and to meet new people. It was great to hear Stephen Volk, Mark Morris, and Cate Gardener each read from their newest work, launched by Spectral Press at the event. It was also great to attend a couple of panels and to listen to guest speaker John Connolly who, rather than do a reading or interview, gave a talk about his career and the genre, which was interesting and entertaining (the perfect combo). A particular joy for me was getting some great news from Mark Morris (see the next blog post) and having beers and food with friends, talking throughout about writery horror things. I sold a few books, too, which is always a good thing, but most of all it was about the people. The horror genre is in good shape, with a warm welcoming crowd working in the field or supporting with much enthusiasm those who do. I thoroughly recommend next year’s Edge-Lit – this one sold out, and next year is likely to go the same way, so book early.

If you can’t wait until then, there’s a Christmassy version coming soon. You can get tickets for Sledge-Lit (I know, I know) here.


Jess with her John Connolly signed Black Static. (I’m in there too, but apparently my autograph means NOTHING to some people…)

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