Monster competition

With Probably Monsters now a reality I thought I’d run a competition. To win a copy of the collection, simply tell me your favourite monster from the world of film and horror fiction, with a brief explanation as to why they’re your favourite. I’ll choose a winner randomly from the entries.

You can leave your favourite monster in the comments here, or on my Facebook post, or via twitter @RayCluley with the hashtag #probablymonsters

Closing date: end of April

PM box

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11 Responses to Monster competition

  1. Andrew Hook says:

    Perhaps not horror fiction but I would choose Lolita as a character: a cheating temptress who – like a siren – lures Humbert Humbert to his doom…

  2. Ross Warren says:

    Stripe from Gremlins because he was so much cooler than that goodie-two-shoes bastard Gizmo.

  3. owlwoman says:

    I’d go for the vampire from Augustus Hare’s ‘The Vampire of Croglin Grange’ – I read the story as a child and the creature – completely hideous in my imagination – has remained with me ever since.

  4. Jamie Fraser says:

    I’ve always been very fond of Cthulhu and the other Great Old Ones and Outer Gods from H.P. Lovecraft. The fact that most characters’ minds turn to terrified mush after just looking at Cthulhu (because they can’t comprehend the horror) still gives me the shivers.

    • Ray Cluley says:

      I love them, too. I especially like how, for the most part, it’s not so much there’s any evil intent just that the human race is inconsequential. Plus, the whole cosmic horror thing, the vastness of all that is out there. Great great stuff.

  5. tellmeastorymick says:

    What a cool feeling to open a box and see all your children nicely bound and ready for distribution. 🙂

    • Ray Cluley says:

      Mick, I can’t describe it. I was ridiculously emotional. Not only was this my collection, a gathering of stories I’d worked on for a few years, but I’d been wanting the experience ever since seeing ‘Back to the Future’ as a kid. That bit at the end, George McFly getting his first novel delivered? Man, I wanted that more than the DeLorean. More than Jennifer Parker or Lorraine Baines. More than a hoverboard, even (yes, I realise that’s the sequel). It was a very, very good day.

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