Coming out of the dark (and the drawers)

At last, it’s here. Well, very very nearly. It’s here if you’re in Canada and the US. BUT it’ll only be a few more weeks before Probably Monsters is slithering on British soil. You can order it from ChiZine if you can’t wait that long.

Don’t they look pretty? My beautiful monsters…

Probably (lots of) Monsters


It means a lot to me, of course, getting this collection out, and I’m very thankful to ChiZine for giving me such an opportunity. I’m also thankful to Michael Kelly for championing it so enthusiastically. Hell, there’s a whole load of thanks in the book. I’ll stop babbling.

I’m just very excited.

I’ll keep you posted as to its progress towards Britain…


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2 Responses to Coming out of the dark (and the drawers)

  1. I just finished reading this, and having read A LOT of Horror, I can tell those contemplating this collection…You cannot go wrong. This is definitely one of the BEST anthology collections by a single author recently published. It reads like many of The Best of Horror collections should be reading and often don’t. Get your Creep on. And don’t just read this one: buy it for your collection. Just don’t keep it in a drawer.

    • Ray Cluley says:

      Well thank you very much, that’s great to hear. I’m so glad you liked it, and with that kind of endorsement hopefully others will give it a go as well and like it just as much. Thank you for taking the time to post a comment, you’ve made this writer very happy.

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