Some catching up

Well, it’s been a while. A lot’s been going on but I’m getting back into the writing and posting side of things now and here’s a little something that’s been happening…

First, check out this cover design by Erik Mohr for Probably Monsters. How absolutely awesome? It’ll be out soon from ChiZine…

Probably Monsters

And out now is Water For Drowning. I went and signed a load of them last week and they should be shipping out as you read this. You can order it here or here.

Jess book

It received some kind words over at recently too, things like “pretty close to perfection” and “I can only imagine Water For Drowning will win numerous awards” (that’d be nice) but perhaps my favourite was “Ray Cluley, you’re a sick fuck but you write a good story and that’s all that matters”. Lovely. Both reviewers gave it five star(fish) out of five. 🙂

So what am I up to? (I know you didn’t ask, but a question as if you did helps me into the next bit…) Well, I’m trying to catch up with deadlines I’ve missed and ones getting close real quick, plus I started a new piece called ‘Old Bones’ which is my most personal to date. Not sure I’ll ever publish that one but it needs writing. Then I better crack on with the stuff I quit my job for – the novel, the novella, the graphic novel, etc, etc.

I’d better get writing…

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4 Responses to Some catching up

  1. That cover for Probably Monsters is ruddy fantastic. When’s it out?

  2. Wow, Probably Monsters looks gorgeous!

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