Black Static 41 – on rabbits and reviews

Issue 41 of Black Static has gone to press and will be mailing out soon. Check out the amazing cover by Richard Wagner:

Black Static 41

I’m both thrilled and nervous about this issue. Thrilled because I’m in it with my story ‘The Hutch’, nervous because Peter Tennant reviews my chapbook ‘Water For Drowning’ in this issue. I’ve always liked Peter Tennant’s reviews because he’s clearly very honest – and that’s what you want. If he likes it I’ll know he really liked it, and I’ll brag about it here. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll certainly say so. I won’t. In fact, I’ll go very quiet on the subject and perhaps edit this post…

If you want to order a copy of ‘Water For Drowning’ you can click here to do so.

You can subscribe to Black Static through their store, here.

In the meantime, here’s the opening to ‘The Hutch’…

Jess wasn’t upset when her rabbit died. She wasn’t happy about it, exactly, but she wasn’t upset either. Relieved, maybe. There’d be no more cleaning the hutch, scraping out pellets of poo and damp straw. She wouldn’t have to empty the bowl of that dry dusty muesli stuff it was supposed to eat but never did (in fact, she found a lot of its poo in that bowl ). She wouldn’t have to remove the blackened stumps of carrot it always left, either. And it wouldn’t be able to bite her anymore.

They had a funeral for it in the garden. Harvey cried even though it wasn’t his rabbit but then Harvey was just a kid. Not even a kid really yet. He was only two. Jess was twelve and in ten months and eleven days she would be a teenager, practically a grown up.

“Do you want to say anything, sweety?”

Jess didn’t look up from the shoebox in the ground but she knew how her mum would be looking at her. She’d be using the sad eyes, the eyes that were meant to make Jess sad too, or at least show her how it was done. But Jess didn’t care about the stupid rabbit. She’d never wanted it in the first place.

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