Teaser: Gator Moon, coming soon

Here’s the opening to my story ‘Gator Moon’ appearing in Crimewave 12: Hurts from TTA Press…

The body looked bigger by moonlight.  A six foot wedge of tarpaulin wrapped top middle and bottom with electrical tape, it sat in the flatbed of the truck looking bulkier than it had before.  Maybe because now they had to move it.  Had to bury it.

Nate and Boyce stared at it a while.  The moon was red in the sky, a bloody eye looking with them and not caring what it saw.

‘Alligator moon,’ Nate said, seeing it.

Boyce stared.

‘Yo, Bo.’

‘It look bigger to you?’

‘Some.  It’s the tarp.’  He looked up at the sky again.  ‘We got us a blood moon up there.’

‘Seems right fitting.’

If you wanna read more, Crimewave can be pruchased directly from TTA Press.  There’s an amazing discount and a very special offer if you subscribe, besides a whole bunch of excellent writers in this issue to make it worth your while.  Simply click here


Cover art is Ben Baldwin (he’s the artist, not the one in the dress).

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