Story acceptance: Bones of Crow

Okay, I know I said that ‘The Festering’ would be the last story for a while but I’d forgotten I’d sent two together… ‘Bones of Crow’ was the other one, and it will be appearing in Black Static this year as well. 

Right, that really is it this time.  I’ve a few other things due out this year, which I’ll remind you about as and when they are available, but that’s the last of the new stuff.  Probably.  ‘Bones of Crow’ means I’ve beaten last year’s number of publications, which was a resolution of mine .  So, you know, hurray.  But next year?  Well, I’m setting the bar a bit higher…  Hell, I’ve gone and got myself a different bar entirely.

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3 Responses to Story acceptance: Bones of Crow

  1. Hurrah, more Ray Cluley stories!
    Love the new banner artwork too. Who did it?

  2. Ray Cluley says:

    Thanks Priya! The artwork I pinched from the internet, from a fab-looking book called A Monster Calls by Siobhan Dowd/Patrick Ness, illustrated by Jim Kay. I’m going to have to get me a copy as it looks great.

  3. I’ve read that- it’s very good- I thought the style looked familiar.

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