New Sale

I’m absolutely delighted to announce that a story I co-wrote with the brilliant Michael Kelly has been taken by  It’s called ‘Other Summers’, a story in which we harness our inner Bradburys, and according to editor Robert Mayette it’s “a wonderful, haunting tale” which is exactly what we were going for.  Phew.

This is my first collaborative effort* but I’d love to do it again – it’s great to bounce ideas off someone, and I enjoy the challenge of matching another writer’s style.  Watch this space.

I’ll post again when the story is available, but until then why not take a look at all the other goodies on offer at

* I’ve written a story with Gary McMahon but that was part of a ‘complete the story’ competition.  You can read it at This is Horror.

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2 Responses to New Sale

  1. karswell says:

    Talk about a “dream team”. Very much looking forward to this, congratulations.

  2. Ray Cluley says:

    Thanks Anthony. I hope you like it.

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