Whispers in the Mist – accepted

I’m delighted to announce that my story ‘Whispers in the Mist’ has been accepted by Michael Kelly for the next issue of Shadows & Tall Trees.  You can see who else is appearing in the journal by going here.

It’s an excellent publication and I urge you to subscribe and pick up back issues.  There have been some great stories (which is why I’m so pleased to be included) and with the next issue there’ll be non-fiction too.

The current issue contains:

Senbazuru by V. H. Leslie

Red Rabbit by Laura Mauro

What We Mean When We Talk About the Dead by Gary McMahon

It Has Happened Before by Alison Moore

We Don’t Keep in Touch Anymore by Ralph Robert Moore

Didman’s Corner by Reggie Oliver

Bedtime Stories for Yasmin by Robert Shearman

Terrible Things by David Surface

Feature Book Review is Delicate Toxins, reviewed by Adam Golaski

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2 Responses to Whispers in the Mist – accepted

  1. stevenjdines says:

    Congratulations, Ray. That’s an impressive lineup.

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