Good news: thrills with chills

 I’m very pleased to say my 13,000 word story ‘Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow’ has just been accepted for publication.  Simon Marshall-Jones of Spectral Press called it “a beautifully-realised chilling tale of the frozen, haunted north” and I’m thrilled that he has taken it as part of his gorgeous limited edition chapbook series.  It won’t be out for a bit – it’s scheduled for 2014 – but I’m absolutely delighted to be amongst such a crowd of fantastic writers.  How lucky am I? 

For more about Spectral, and to subscribe for the chapbooks or buy a novella or two, go to:

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9 Responses to Good news: thrills with chills

  1. Cate Gardner says:

    Fantastic news (love the title). That has to be one of the longest chapbooks yet. I seriously look forward to reading it.

    • Ray Cluley says:

      Thanks Cate – And I really do mean thanks, as it was the wonderful Nowhere Hall – which I won in one of your competitions – that introduced me to Spectral Press in the first place. Cheers!

  2. Michael Kelly says:

    Congratulations, Ray!

  3. debs says:

    That’s wonderful news, congratulations.

  4. Dominik says:

    Excellent! Congratulations!

  5. markewest says:

    Nice one – and well done on getting that length of story in, I had to beg Simon to take 7.5k for me!

    • Ray Cluley says:

      Thanks Mark – I sent it as part of the Christmas Annual rather than a chapbook, but SImon had other ideas. In fact, it’s no longer a chapbook, but something else…

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