Darker Minds pre-order, available now

Just a quickie to say you can pre-order a copy of Darker Minds now.  This is what it looks like, and below you’ll see who wrote what inside.  Mine is ‘Waste Disposal’ (it’s not very pleasant, I’m afraid) and I’m with plenty of good people.  To order a copy, follow this link: http://www.darkmindspress.com/page2.htm

Table of Contents:

Reflections From A Broken Lamp by John Travis

Slip Inside This House by Daniel Kaysen

Tale Of The Abnormal Beauty Queen by Robert Essig

Houses In Motion by Stuart Young

Laws Of Aquisition by Simon Bestwick

Looking At Me, Seeing You by Mark West

The Way Of The World by Gary Fry

The Listening by Benedict J. Jones

Rise, Dead Man by Joe Mynhardt

John Bane’s Grave by Charles Austin Muir

The Man Who Remembered by Stephen Bacon

Waste Disposal by Ray Cluley

Seeing Things by Robert Mammone

Shutdown by Clayton Stealback

Cinder Images by Gary McMahon


Cover Artist: Ben Baldwin

Interior Art: Will Jaques

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