Back on The Road

Some non-fiction news this time – a piece I wrote on Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is due to appear in a future issue of the BFS Journal.  For those of you who aren’t members of the British Fantasy Society, why not go here and take a look at what’s on offer.

Speaking of the society, I’ve booked my tickets, room, and banquet for this year’s FantasyCon and very excited I am too.  It was great fun last time (if a little on the warm side!) and  I can’t wait for this year’s panels and readings and, of course, the awards.  Plus no doubt I’ll spend a fortune on books I’ll need to haul back on the train – but that’s one of those good problems to have.

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4 Responses to Back on The Road

  1. categardner says:

    Look forward to seeing you there, Ray.

  2. C x says:

    Enjoy! And happy birthday x

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