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I pretty much treat this as a noticeboard for new work but I thought I might write a little something more chatty for a change as I’m in a library with internet access and a few minutes to hand.

Don’t worry, I won’t be talking about my pets (I don’t have any, much as I love them – I break the ‘cat or dog person’ rule by liking both) and I won’t be posting recipes (can’t cook, and why should I when takeout is so damn tasty?).  No, I thought I’d say a little something about ongoing projects.  Which means this isn’t much more than the noticeboard I mentioned earlier, I suppose.

I’m putting the finishing touches to my collection.  The stories have been re-ordered several times, taken out, put back in, and I’ve finally got it down to 19.  For now.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m finding the decision-making process pretty tough.  At least with my novel (yeah, there’s one of those on the go, too) (well, a planned series actually) at least with the novel(s) I know where it’s going and when and how.  With the collection I’ve chucked everything in and then shaken it around a bit to see what’s strong enough to stay.  And then promptly changed my mind a few times.

Oh, and I’ve changed the title once or twice as well.  So far it has been PM: Probably Monsters, and Cut From Dark Cloth, and now Night Fishing, which is the title of one of the stories (due to appear in Shadows & Tall Trees soon).  It may change again.

So, as it stands, 19 stories.  A considerable chunk have earned their stripes, with TTA Press having the biggest share of ‘first published in…’s, but at least half a dozen are brand new.  For now.  Maybe, by the time I finally finalise (again) the final line-up they’ll have appeared in a magazine near you…

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4 Responses to Bloggy stuff

  1. Ray,

    I’m very much looking forward to a collection from you. I’m not the only one, I’m sure. For titles I like Probably Monsters (without the PM:) and Night Fishing. The first just has a nice ambiguous duality, the second puts me in mind of Steve Rasnic Tem’s brilliant collection City Fishing.

    Good luck with it!

  2. Dominik says:

    Definitely looking forward to a collection from you. I also quite like Probably Monsters as a title.

  3. Hello Ray,
    Ex student Thomas Dalmut-Rudd here. Was there anywhere to find other stuff that you’ve written? And Dominik is a smart man, ‘Probably Monsters’ is a great title. My vote goes to that.

  4. Ray Cluley says:

    Well, looks like the very first original title, the one I’ve given to this site, is the favoured one so perhaps it’ll be Probably Monsters after all. Thanks for the feedback.

    Michael and Dominik, glad you’re looking forward to it, hope it doesn’t dissapoint. But I’m getting ahead of myself – hope it gets published and THEN doesn’t disappoint!

    Hi Tom – there’s a Published Fiction page here that’ll tell you about other stuff, but drop me a line if there’s something specific you’re after.

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